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My new best friend

Well, I did it. After the relentless egging on from last weeks comments (well one comment actually) I went out and got me a Nexus 7. Mind you, getting one wasn’t all that easy – round here they seem to be as rare as hen’s teeth! The first three stores I tried all had demo models – which they insisted on ‘demoing’ for me before realising they had none in stock, and that gets a little old by the third store. But eventually Tesco came to the rescue (who would have thought); the mighty supermarket juggernaut had just one left. So I took their hand off and trotted home with the little beauty.

Is it any good? Oh yes, and then some.

First up comes the avalanche of free apps; apps for just about anything you can think of – I have apps coming out of my ears now, including my old favourites Dropbox and Evernote. ¬†True, some of my favourites aren’t there, such as Scrivener and Mindmaple but I did find a different mind mapping app that imports to Mindmaple and a word processing app that handles Word file format, which imports to Scrivener. No problem.

So now I’m completely mobile – a peripatetic author! me and my best friend Norman the Nexus 7 – coming to a coffee shop near you…



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