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Unleashing the beast

OK so this week I need to start with a confession. Ahem. I haven’t actually done any writing – not a word. None. Do I feel guilty, of course mea culpa, mea maxima culpa! So why this sorry state of affairs – well in a word, social media (OK two words). Now you might thing I’m a tech savvie kind of guy, what with blogging and all and writing software that I go banging on about, but you would be wrong. Up until a week or so ago I had resisted the urge to plunge into social media; actually I didn’t even have an urge.

A week or so ago I decided to take a look, more out of curiosity you understand. Here is my experience as a complete newbie so far.

Lest start with Facebook. Now, I have a lot of preconceptions about this. Basically I see it as a raging monster, ready to trip you up – hunting down the most embarrassing features kept on your hard drive and publishing them to the world at large where they can laugh in your face, heap scorn on you and parade you naked through the virtual streets. Given that as my opening stance, I decided to only use it on my mobile phone. I tried to set it up on my phone. It was hard work and I wondered how anyone used this most unintuitive interface to do anything. Eventually I found out that there were some things that simply couldn’t be done on it. So I got out my old computer, and locked away in a room with no other technology in it and the curtains closed, so it couldn’t get at anything, even by osmosis, I set out to tackle the monster. I found out that it was a piece of pie to set up this way but got so over protective about privacy that no-one could find out I was on it nor see any of my posts. I relented (a bit) and voila, was bombarded with friend requests, more friend of friend requests and requests from people I had only heard of.

Then came twitter. No real preconceptions other that it was going to be so brief that I wouldn’t be able to say anything meaningful at all. The reality was – I loved it! got it straight away, and was tweeting with the best of them within five minutes.

Feeling bolder I tackled Google+. This was to Facebook as apple computers are to PC’s. A magnificent edifice of an interface, easy to set up, easier to use and the circle feature a complete revelation – now I could keep my contacts for writing, separate from fishkeeping aficionados and very separate from people interested in granny’s wrinkled stockings (oops, don’t tell Facebook that last bit!).

The problem then became my world was dominated by a phone bleeping, tweeting and generally going demented with updates demanding vital attention – hence the lack of writing. Now I’ve become a complete addict – anyone out there know of a cure….


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2 thoughts on “Unleashing the beast

  1. Yes!
    Just stop! Disconnect everything you don’t use to actually write. Stop. Stop. Stop. Go on a social media fast and starve the beast to death….check out my post, My Challenge to you for methods and motivation!
    Good luck! I just recently disconnected from social media too. It’s possible!

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