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The writer’s imagination

As writers, one of the most crucial tools of our trade is a well exercised imagination. Not just the imagination to fashion a story out of thin air but the imagination to see things differently; I suppose I mean the sort of imagination a child has before the world beats it out of them with denigrating comments such as ‘oh, that’s not real’ or ‘it’s only make believe’.

Well, I could go on about nothing being really real in the sense that comment intimates, but that’s a topic for a different blog such as http://talkingcurestraining.blogspot.com where I put my therapists head on.

With my writers head firmly screwed on for the moment, look at this picture I took in Sherwood forest earlier this year:

Old man of the forest

Old man of the forest

I see him as a huge tree spirit rampaging through the forest. Maybe we’ve disturbed his sleep, or unknowingly wandered onto sacred ground. Perhaps a sorcerer is using him as a guardian or for other nefarious purposes. The point is that until we write the story it may be just an old tree in the forest.

What does your writers imagination tell you…




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4 thoughts on “The writer’s imagination

  1. Hahaha, I’m clearly reading too much sci-fi. I saw that brown splortchy bit as an alien infestation taking over the tree as it lays its nest preparing for the eventual invasion of Earth.

    I need to get back to reading fantasy. I’m starting to see aliens everywhere. O_o

  2. There are very few trees in my writing (my stuff is very urban), and the fantastic elements in my stories are almost always people. That being said, that’s a very Ent-ish tree you’ve got there. 🙂

    Jo Eberhardt did a great blog post about being a parent to a child with a writer’s imagination: http://tinyurl.com/dxvvaw8

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