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Bad day at the office

So there you are, an unexpected void in the diary. No obligations, nothing to do nd no one to please but yourself – for a whole week! The writing is going to be awesome and prodigious you tell yourself. A whole week; who knows how much you can achieve in such a vast uninterrupted stretch.

Too good to be true? Read on…

Its Sunday night and the dinner you had earlier is laying a little, shall we say,  heavy. You are surprised, after all, it wasn’t a big dinner. Never mind, think of tomorrow and all those lovely words you will be crafting.

Wake up in bed feeling nauseous; oh no, where’s the bathroom…. That’s better, must have been something ‘off’ that you ate, ah well. Thirty minutes later to the second, another trip to the bathroom. Another thirty minutes and another trip, and again, and again… Welcome to the delights of Norovirus!

Yes it’s that time of the year, when the little winter vomiting bug flexes its muscles and does the rounds. All those plans, all those words never now to be written. Instead its the noro plan diet where you lose half a stone in 24 hours, simply amazing.

So that’s my week fellow bloggers. A week of feeling like death warmed up, where lifting a cup becomes an olympian effort and eating a slice of toast feels like a three course meal.

How was your week?



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3 thoughts on “Bad day at the office

  1. The same, unfortunately… exactly the same. We did think maybe it was food poisoning, as 10 out of 20 potluck guests fell sick exactly 36 hours later but then again, as you point out, there’s a lot going around right now!

  2. Bummer. So sorry to hear (about both of you).

    I remember when I had that bug and I mentioned to my mother that I hadn’t eaten anything in a few days. She’s not usually very “motherly,” but she was all, “Well, you have to eat,” and I was all, “Actually, no.”

    Feel better soon.

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