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Guilty pleasure

If you’ve read some of my earlier posts you may have gathered that I’m both technologically challenged and drawn to new shiny IT things – both at the same time. I can’t help it; a moth to the flame. Gone are notebooks (paper ones that is), or more accurately, stored in a line taking up real estate on my already groaning bookcase, replaced with Evernote, Mindmaple and the like.

I recently dallied with the idea of buying an iPad for note taking on the move. The more sensible of you pointing out that a netbook would be a better option for what I required; and of course, you are right and I already have one.

But, my eyes have seen the Nexus 7 android and my heart is all a flutter. Its smaller (at a push I could probably get it into my cargo pants pocket) and seems to do everything I would want it too. It’s under £200 (just), ha! chicken feed, surely I can justify that. The wanting is strong. I don’t feel as if I can resist. maybe I’ll just go and have one more look at it. Ahhh, shiny, shiny, want, want, want. Come to me my precious….


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6 thoughts on “Guilty pleasure

  1. Bit of a Luddite, me. I have all the technology – phones, smart phone, computer, laptop, access to the social media. Doesn’t mean I have to like it much.
    I had never heard of Evernote or Mindmaple until I read them here. Please tell me these are not more things I have to learn about.
    I am very happy with my pen and paper for my morning pages and very happy with Word for my writing.
    Yours, drowning in technology, not waving.

    • Ah but Pat you must check them out – they are both free 🙂 As an aside, I once introduced email to a large corporation (obviously many moons ago when I was a strip of a lad) when not many people knew what email was and just after the days when you had to code a full screen editor yourself if you wanted a cursor that went up and down and backwards.
      When I put it in the cry was what do we want this c**p for, a week later the system went down and within 30 seconds the phone was red hot with people begging me to restore it asap; I had them hooked on ‘e’ in a week!
      So, look me in the eyes while I say “technology is nice, technology is your friend. Mwahaha”

      • Technology is my friend, as long as it is working.
        But I think the reason computer desks usually have a back is to stop you pushing the thing off it in anger!
        And yet, I love my computer – most of the time. And I will check them out – but may resist!

  2. The Nexus 7 would sound ideal for what you want, and yes, it is actually surprisingly possible to carry it around in a pocket. It actually fits pretty comfortably in my jeans. More so than you might guess!

    For note taking the obvious choice is Evernote and it runs great on the N7.

    Go for it 😉

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