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Letter writing

Have you ever written a letter to a magazine? Did you know that some magazines actually pay for well written letters? Many more give a prize to ‘letter of the month’. I think I remember reading some time ago about someone making quite a lucrative sideline doing this on a regular basis. So this week I decided to give it a go – in the immortal words of Jeremy Clarkson ‘how hard can it be?’ Actually, for me, harder than I anticipated.

The first problem was that relatively few of the magazines dealing with the sort of things I might write about, what you might term ‘specialist interest’ pay anything for letters – the majority of ones that do, are in areas I just can’t be bothered with. However I did find a few.

Second problem, what to write about. It’s only a letter I told myself; just a couple of hundred lousy (well, hopefully not so lousy) words. Eventually though I managed three pieces and have sent them off – we shall see…

How anyone though turns this into an income stream worth talking about eludes me. Do you know? Have you ever turned letters into cash? Tell me about your experiences in this field.


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