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I’m only a man

So stereotypically I shouldn’t be able to multi-task right? Well most of the time (annoyingly) that is correct, but this week I was lured away from the novel in hand by a half written book that has been languishing on the hard drive for a couple of years.

The book was going to be an accompaniment to a course I teach on Hypnotherapy, NLP and Shamanism. As it turned out, the course ran perfectly well without it, using a number of other set books. My business partner though is moving to India next July, so this September will see the last running of the course (wipes away a tear). For some reason, this put the book in my mind and I blew the metaphorical dust from its non existent dust jacket and started to reread what I had. I discovered the soul of another, different book lurking within the 50,000 words and reaching for MindMaple (see a previous post) started to flesh out the alternative.

Now I’m thinking should I carry on with the half-finished non fiction or the quarter finished novel? Or perhaps keep them chugging along in tandem – but as I said, I’m only a man to whom multi-tasking is usually limited to drinking coffee and watching TV at the same time…

How many pieces of writing do you work on concurrently? How do you decide which to write on and when? Do you find it invigorating or distracting to work like this? And most importantly, do you find one piece suffers while the other one prospers?

Let me know….


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2 thoughts on “I’m only a man

  1. I find what works for me is to do work on different projects as long as they’re at different stages. I always refer to this blog post: http://tinyurl.com/8t7ac87.

    Right now I’ve got a book of mystery stories which I’m not revising this year, a story which I finished posting recently, and an idea for a new story where I’ve only written one scene.

    • Yes, I can see how that would work. Different stages seem to have an attendant different mood, so if you have work at more than one stage, there will nearly always be something to take ones fancy! In my case, they are both first draft stage, albeit entirely different (one fiction, one not), although the sifting through the non fiction words I already have to put into a different book might be considered a different stage hmm…

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