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On motivation

Why is it that when I have the time to sit and write, I don’t want to and when I can’t there is nothing in the world I’d rather be doing? This has been such a week. In fact, truth be told, the last three or four weeks fall into this category – I’m having what might be termed a ‘dry spell’ (unlike the weather here which has been very, very wet for two months). I don’t consider myself blocked; I’m sure if I did sit down and get started I would write without problems. In fact, here I am writing this blog. So why don’t I finish this post and just get on with it. You know what, I think I will….


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10 thoughts on “On motivation

  1. Heidi Street on said:

    I get days where I simply can’t be bothered to write. There is the need to write there, but the effort isn’t there. You’ll get out of it eventually, it just takes time… and chocolate (in my case!)

  2. Tell me about it! Perhaps it’s because, when you know you have unlimited time in front of you to write, it’s easy to procrastinate. I know it is for me, anyway… Good luck with the writing!

  3. I feel the same way sometimes!!! In fact, yesterday I had time to write, but I was aware of how I felt. So, I just opened my computer, closed all the blogs, facebook page, etc, and started writing. I did it for five hours in a row.

    I believe that if you sit, with your computer or pen, it come to you. At least this is how it happened to me yesterday. Try it out!

  4. I seem to do better lying on my bed in the middle of the night; so I keep lots of paper and pens handy in case The Muse visits.

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