follow a rookie writing his first novel

not for me

Well, as predicted, progress this week has been slow. Actually it has been non existent! I could give you a litany of excuses – my pet toad died, a couple of dentist visits to look at an unfortunate lump that has developed on my palate, my daughter coming home for the summer from uni…

All true, but to be honest the real reason is an article I have to finish. It isn’t that I don’t find the subject matter interesting; because I do. No, rather I think it is the fact that I have a deadline and that it has to be written to a specific word count, using a style that fits in with the prospective mag that I’m writing it for. I realise that I hate being hemmed in, in this way.

Ah well, one last push this afternoon and it should be complete – it wont be great, but at least it will be finished and I can get back to the no rules, do it my way, free for all of the novel.



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