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Progress is slow

As predicted, writing articles slowed down work on the novel this week. In the end I compromised and did one of the two articles and a bit of work on the novel, which was an early scene in one of the main venues that the action takes place. Being a venue that I will be using many times throughout the book I decided to give only a brief description of the place, I will add bits to this as they become relevant. I think this is preferable to describing it in detail all in one go, as most people will both find this a bit boring (I know I do when I come across lengthy descriptions of either how people or places look) and wont remember it for the next time it appears anyway.

On a completely different topic, I came across this video of a bookshop I frequent quite a bit – it is simply the best bookshop I’ve ever been in anywhere in the world; and I live close enough to go there whenever I like – how cool is that!





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One thought on “Progress is slow

  1. I always think it’s a mistake to give the readers a lot of information about something (including a setting) before you’ve given them a reason to care about it. A friend recommended Pere Goriot omce, and I tried the first few pages, but they were all a long description of a house, so I gave up. The same thing with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (though I did finish that one). Tons of background information about characters who were obviously never going to be important.

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