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Some weeks are better than others…

Isn’t it funny how sometimes you can just sit down and start to write and everything just seems to work – It’s almost as if you are just watching the words appear on  the screen, reading them as they happen, as if someone else is typing them. I’ve also noticed that when this happens, you get a severe time distortion; i.e. time speeds up and a couple of hours seems like a couple of minutes. I know from my work as a therapist that this is indicative of a trance state, and so I suspect that the writing is generated from the subconscious while in this state – hence the feeling of someone else typing it.

Then there is the opposite. Days when you just stare blankly at the screen, when no words will come, and the few that do have ‘pants’ stamped all over them.

Well this week I had a couple of both types! So progress hasn’t been too bad, I rewrote a new beginning to the story, which I think gives the main character a bit more oomph.

The next couple of weeks though might be lean pickings, as I have two articles I need to write (and have been putting off big time), but the time of reckoning is here, so they need to take priority. I’ll still keep the blog ticking over though, with whatever progress or ideas I have.

I’ve been trying to find other people blogging on their writing; anyone know of any good sites with plenty of discussion?


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2 thoughts on “Some weeks are better than others…

  1. Well, you’ve already discovered The Undiscovered Author, so likely you know aout T.S. Bazelli and Kristan Hoffman (http://www.tsbazelli.com/ & http://kristanhoffman.com/). I also think highly of Laura Stanfill (http://laurastanfill.wordpress.com/) and Maggie Madly Writing (http://maasmith7.wordpress.com/). Oh, and is your stuff aimed at a YA audience or are you considering publishing independently? If either of those (or both), I recomment YA Indie (http://www.yaindie.com/).

    My blog covers a few different topics, but you could go here http://u-town.com/collins/?tag=writing to find the posts about writing (or at least most of them — I make no guarantees for the accuracy of my tagging 🙂 ).

    • Thanks Anthony, I was’nt aware of a couple of those sites. The Neli Gaiman video on the Hoffman site was particularly good; especially the part where he mentioned feeling a fraud because you are doing something you really love and people are paying you to do it, while expecting to be ‘found out’ at any moment. My partner and I often joke about this (she is a fine artist, and both of us teach subjects we love). My definition of work is ‘something you wouldn’t do unless someone pays you for doing it’ and by that definition I haven’t worked for the last decade…

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