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Where to Start a novel

This might seem like a silly question – after all don’t you start at the beginning? Well yes, but where exactly that is for a novel is up for discussion. I had intended to start this novel with the main character in his therapists room, trying to explain his problem while not sounding raving mad.

On second thoughts though, I might start it earlier – probably with him trying to remember what happened the night before at the party where Pan was summoned (and left in his back bedroom). What the hey; its only a first draft so why agonize over it, I’ll write it up and worry about where to start the finished version later.

I’ve also been thinking about more subplots and have come up with a few ideas (involving various death gods) which give my protagonist more to do. I’m estimating that these will also push the word count up toward 35,000 – at least I’ll have a novella!


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2 thoughts on “Where to Start a novel

  1. I agree with not sweating the beginniing. Start wherever seems to make sense. You can always reorder later. You’ll find out the best shape as you go (can you tell I’m a pantser?).

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