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The storyline

OK, so I’ve decided the novel is about someone who wakes up one morning to find Pan (yes, the greek god) in his back bedroom.  He hasn’t actually seen him, he can’t go in himself because he suffers from panic attacks, and the thought of coming face to face with a deity that can cause these is just too much.  He knows he’s in there though because his friends have told him so and he can hear Pan moving about.

The problem then is how to get rid of Pan?  (and possibly, how did he get there).

The story’s underlying message is that you can only overcome your fears by facing them.

I have a few other ideas on plot development and scenes.  I’ve also been working up possible characters, that may or may not appear in the novel – here’s one provisionally called ‘Bom’:

I’ve always felt there was something incongruous about white people with dreadlocks – except for Bom.  On Bom, the ‘dreads’ looked un-nervingly natural, who knows, perhaps he’d even been born with them.  Like Alan, Bom was thin as a lat, but whereas Alan’s thinness seemed a consequence of his bottled up frustration and rigidity, Bom’s served more to emphasize an ethereal quality, somehow making him less solid and more of a fluid.  Perhaps he was working his way to gaseous and one day all we would see would be the smoke like tendrils of his beloved dreads floating by.

Bom liked his weed.  Actually Bom seemed to live for weed; no, rather he was the weed.  If a cannabis plant could grow legs and put on a pair of crumpled baggy trousers you might think it was Bom’s long-lost twin.  Bom even wore hemp. Hemp tee shirts, hemp trousers (baggy and grey), christ – even hemp boots!  I wouldn’t mind betting even his underwear would be hemp if he could get it.  I suppose practically though, if he were stranded on a desert island he could always smoke his clothes; a sort of walking ‘break glass in case of an emergency’ outfit.

The other quality Bom had, was his ‘laid-backness’; practically horizontal.  Absolutely nothing bothered him.  I once fancied I saw him raise an eyebrow at a particularly controversial remark, but it might just have been a trick of the light.  What is Bom into by the way? Shamanism of course – as he says,” after all, they do have all the best gear.”

What do you think?  I see him as a foil to the main character (called Alan here, but I might change the name).  Bearing in mind this is a very rough draft, what do you think of the overall style of the piece, which is indicative of how I want to write the whole novel?


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