follow a rookie writing his first novel

Starting with Scrivener

I’ve been looking at the scrivener software this week.  First impressions are good, but its a big and complex piece of software.  It’s written to accommodate any sort of writing – theses, novels, technical journals, screenplays, etc.

I decided to look for some help (after working through the early tutorials) and found an e-book (kindle) “Writing a novel with Scrivener” by David Hewson.  Just the thing I needed.  David focussed on just the bits of scrivener necessary for novel-writing, so these are the only bits I will use.

Basically, the point of this package is that you can organise your work in small chunks akin to scenes.  you can work on them in any order, have each of them at different stages of revision, move them about and at the end compile a book into Word or even e-book format.  All the while giving you various ways to view the structure of your work in progress which makes keeping track of where you are really easy.

Downside is that scrivener was written for the Mac and although there is a windows version (which I’m using), it doesn’t have all the features – although I haven’t noticed this being a problem yet, it might be later.  You can get a free 30 day trial of Scrivener from http://www.literatureandlatte.com/scrivener.php go and try it out for yourself.

Also this week I finished reading the book “How to write damn good fiction” by James N Frey.  It is well written and witty with plenty of good tips for the aspiring writer.

So, next task is to flesh out my initial ideas for the novel and I’ll post those next week….


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